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Community Safety & Environment Scrutiny Panel

This page lists the meetings for Community Safety & Environment Scrutiny Panel.


Information about Community Safety & Environment Scrutiny Panel

There are six scrutiny panels.  Each Panel is responsible for monitoring budget management, service delivery and the results of inspection by regulators.


The Panels can also set up sub-groups to examine issues of public concern.


The Panel does not have decision making powers, but can make recommendations to the Cabinet/full Council through the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.  It does have the power to:


·     Receive reports from senior Officers and Cabinet Members


·     Require senior Officers and Cabinet Members to attend meetings and answer questions on their areas of responsibility


·     Ask representatives of other organisations to give evidence to the Panel.


·     Report and make recommendations to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on any issue that falls within its remit.


General Remit of the Panel


Responsible for the review and/or scrutiny of decisions made, or other action taken, in connection with the discharge by the Council or of the relevant Chief Officer of Police of their crime and disorder functions. In its role as the Crime and Disorder Committee the Panel may co-opt additional people; request information from Community Safety Partnership (known as the Safer Greenwich Partnership) which must be provided on the date requested or if this is impractical as soon as reasonably possible; require the attendance of representatives from the CSP to give evidence or answer questions at its meetings; representatives must attend providing reasonable notice is given. The CSP must respond to recommendations made by the Committee in writing as soon as is reasonably possible.


n.b. When the Panel produces a report and/or recommendation(s) it will at the same time provide a copy to the relevant Chief Officer of Police, Police Authority, Probation Service and Health Authority.