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Response to a petition - Eltham High Street

The Committee to note receipt of a petition to Council expressing dissatisfaction with the way that the Council has managed and implemented the public realm improvement project in Eltham and the amount of night work that has been undertaken, and a response which will be summarised and reported to the next meeting of Full Council.



The Assistant Director (Transportation) gave an illustrative presentation to the report, advising the Committee to note receipt of, and comment on proposals in response to a written petition presented to the Council by Councillor Spencer Drury on behalf of the petitioners.


The Committee noted the report, and that the petitioners were dissatisfied with the management and implementation of the public realm improvement work in Eltham High Street.  The Committee noted that the petitioners had informed that they were also experiencing a substantial level of noise from night activities as a result of the work.


In response to questions raised, the Assistant Director gave an assurance to Members that the programme was consistent with the Council’s established process for delivering major highway works.  Thus, due regard was given to the business and residential nature of Eltham High Street.  As an indication, the Council’s Highway Officers held meetings with contractors and other relevant partners to agree a safe and efficient delivery and implementation.  It was confirmed that the efforts included liaisons with the Council’s Environment and Enforcement Team on matters relating to noise and air pollution, and with Transport for London (TfL) officials in regard to the management of traffic and pedestrian movements.


The Assistant Director continued with his response, confirming to Members that it was clear from the outset that night work was pertinent to completing the programme on time, and within budget.  As an indication, the consultation exercise included press and site notices with timescales and duration of the improvement work.  It was stated that similar notices were distributed to local community groups, residents and businesses in the area.  Furthermore, updates on progress were posted on the Council’s website.  However, in order to minimise noise and not compromise air quality, the Council insisted that contractors should have adequate and well-maintained equipment.  It was stated that contractors were also required to complete the noisiest work activities on the roads before 11.00pm.


Members were further advised by the Assistant Director that the Council was unaware of complaints relating to incoherent sequences of traffic light operations at Eltham High Street.  However, in order to not compromise the safety of pedestrians, the Council would inform TfL who had responsibility for the management and review of traffic lights on London’s roads.


Action: Assist. Director (Transportation)


The Committee


Resolved –


1.            That the decision to undertake night works as part of a comprehensive scheme to improve Eltham High Street, and the factors that were taken in to account as part of the decision making be noted.


2.            That it be noted that the decision to undertake night work would create inconvenience to residents, and other road users, as a result.


3.            That it be noted that the council has acted in accordance with its normal processes and procedures in delivery the works.


4.            That it be noted that an apology for the inconvenience has been made but that any claims for compensation would need to be presented in writing, so that it can be dealt with in accordance with the Council’s normal processes.

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