Greenwich Council

Committee details

Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Panel

Purpose of committee

There are six scrutiny panels.  Each Panel is responsible for monitoring budget management, service delivery and the results of inspection by regulators.


The Panels can also set up sub-groups to examine issues of public concern.


General Remit of the Panel

The Panel will look at promoting healthier communities, narrowing health inequalities and improving the quality of life of older people.  The Panel will monitor the delivery of services, in particular the effective

co-ordination of key local services, environmental health, services provided primarily by the Directorate of Adults and Older People’s Services relating to older people, adult services (physical and learning disability; mental health) and supported housing.



The Healthier Communities and Older People Scrutiny Panel does not have decision making powers, but can make recommendations to the Cabinet/full Council through the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.  It does have the power to:


·        Receive reports from senior Officers and Cabinet Members

·        Require senior Officers and Cabinet Members to attend meetings and answer questions on their areas of responsibility

·        Ask representatives of other organisations to give evidence to the Panel

·        Report and make recommendations to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on any issue that falls within its remit.


Contact information

Support officer: Jean Riddler. Email: or tel. 020 8921 5857

Phone: 020 8921 5857